No! No! No!

Do you like avocados?

Everyone tells me how great they are and how insane I am for not liking them.  You wouldn’t believe the eye rolls I get for saying that.  Especially here in the South West of these United States.

They are gross, slimy, earthy mush balls.

I have an issue with textures, don’t get me started on creamed food.

That being said, I know the health benefits of avocados so I have tried to incorporate them into my diet. 
First I tried to add them to tacos and burritos, because that seemed to be the most natural combination.  But every time, all I taste is that overwhelming creamy earthy flavor.  I tried to eat them in salads, pre-made guacamoles and adding them into more things, but alas, just eww.

Bound and determined, I wanted to find a new way to tolerate this alligator super fruit!

I tried the Avocado Pudding at first thinking that might be a way for me to choke it down, covered in coco powder.  I fooled myself for a little while “liking it”, the after taste bothered me. (I am going to revisit this recipe again soon.)

Then I tried my friend’s, over at WatchLearnEateasy guacamole and figured, ok that’s pretty good, maybe I can get into avocado.  (Truth be told I added some bacon and fresh onion for texture)

Then, that got me thinking…

I’ve been on a healthier eating kick for a while and hard boiled eggs have become a staple, so why not make an egg salad; mix in the mushy nasty avocado and mask it with some bacon.

Bacon makes everything better.

VIOLA!  My avocado egg salad was formed.

Mash all of these ingredients together to combine your egg salad.  Salt and pepper more or less to taste and it still works if you want to substitute the bacon with turkey or veggie bacon.
I now eat this often as a sandwich or create an avocado toast with it, because it’s “all the rage”, a term my mom still uses.  But my favorite is just the simple lettuce cup. 

Then I got to thinking even more…with Easter right around the corner, impress your friends and family with this fun twist on the deviled egg.

Hard boil 1 dozen eggs (use 2 in the recipe).  Split the other 10 in half (toss out the yolks or save for a traditional egg salad or deviled egg) and scoop your avocado egg salad into each egg.  Garnish with a tiny carrot curl. Yum!  

So, now an amazing thing has happened.  In trying these new ways of incorporating avocado to mask it’s flavor, my tastes buds have started to change and now I have a taste for this ugly nasty fruit.

Proof to me that it’s always great to try new things.  And don’t just pass it off.  Just because you didn’t like something as a child or you had a bad experience with food (or otherwise), go back, try it again…you never know, you might even like brussel sprouts…(PS soooo good, more on them at a later date!)

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